The first step to become a seller on our platform is to go through our Style Guide to make sure that your products match our requirements.

Then, you must confirm understanding of our product photography standards. These are guidelines to guarantee a cohesive visual experience across the entire marketplace.

Upon confirming understanding of both guides, you can complete a short seller application form. The approval process takes between 48 to 72 hours.

Once your seller application is approved, setting up your store requires a few steps:
A) Name your shop, by either uploading your logo or simply writing your store/brand name.
B) Stock your shop. List your products with photos, product details, inventory, and prices.
C) Enter your shipping options. Pick your carrier, add your lead time, product size and weight, and preview your shipping costs.
D) Add handling fees, if applicable.
E) Provide your PayPal details for payment and billing. We will pay sellers as a direct deposit wire to their PayPal account.

Sellers also have the option to become a featured seller on rəˈzôrt/. Contact us for more information.  

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