The moment we started mapping out our travel plans, we knew Morocco had to be our first destination.

Impossible not to fall in love with the colors, the smells, the intricate patterns of its rich architecture, its millenary culture, and especially with the warmth of its people.

Roaming through the Medina Market in Marrakech allowed us to soak in the vibrations of the city.

It felt as if time had stood still. It felt as if the stories we only knew from movies and books had come to life, and by stepping inside we had become one with the city.

Men singing to snakes. Magicians selling their spells. Women drawing with henna. The relentless African sun kept reminding us this wasn’t a dream. Still, reality felt distant.

We didn’t want to leave Morocco. In a way we never did. During this trip, we partnered with talented makers to help them modernize their designs while protecting the integrity of their ancient techniques so that they could share the beauty of their culture with the world.

We picked the best artisans and worked with them side by side to help them craft the most exquisite pieces. From clothing made out of wedding blankets to high quality modern caftans, pillows, rugs, and bags.

Driving through the middle Atlas Mountains we made acquaintance with a small community of loom-weaving women. They introduced us to their families and invited us to taste the delicious Berber cuisine.

Our team, behind the scenes of our video in the Sahara desert.