Morocco was our first destination in mind when we mapped out our travel plans, as it is one of the most elegant and ancient craft cultures

We instantly fell involve with the colors, patterns, smells architect and especially the people.

We started by soaking in the vibrations of the city and unique individuals at the Medina market in Marrakesh.

It felt like time was standing still, everything that we remembered from books and movies was real and in front of us.

Men singing to snakes, women drawing henna, magicians and much more; it was beautiful.

In this trip we partnered with some of these amazing talented makers and worked side by side with them to create modern designs while protecting the integrity of their ancient techniques.

From clothing made out of wedding blankets to high quality modern caftans, pillows, rugs and bags. We sourced and designed the most exquisite pieces.

 We drove to the middle Atlas Mountains where we met a small community of women, whom we partnered with. We had the chance to gather with their families, who invited us to join in on their delicious Berber cuisine and explore future collaborations together.

Behind the scene of our video in the Sahara desert